Application Process

Who Can Apply
Participation in LeadershipNVAR is open to all REALTOR® Members in good standing living in the state of Nevada.


Participants are chosen by the LeadershipNVAR Selection Committee based on information completed on this application. The Selection Committee is comprised of qualified leaders representing a variety of professions. This group remains anonymous, and does not include LeadershipNVAR Trustees, NVAR Board of Directors, or NVAR staff.


Tuition for the 2017 program is $1,250. This includes the training sessions, meals, overnight accommodations for the sessions (sleeping rooms for sessions are shared), and instructional materials. Additional costs to the participants include transportation from home to the program sites and any other minimal expenses incurred during the the program.


Attendance at all four LeadershipNVAR Programs is mandatory. Anyone who fails to attend may be asked to withdraw, with no refund of tuition.


Helpful Hints on Filling out the Application

PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT THE APPLICATION LEGIBLY. Be clear, concise and direct in your application.Include as much information as possible. However, answers should be limited to the space available.

Click here to download and print the 2018 Application.


If you have questions about or would like asSavesistance with the application, contact one of the LeadershipNVAR Trustees or staff members below. They are available and happy to help you.

NVAR Staff: 1-800-748-5526 or 775/829-5911.
Tiffany Banks,


2018 PROGRAM Schedule

PROGRAM #1: Orientation Program – this is a 2 ½ day Program in Scottsdale, AZ  -  expected dates in February/early March

PROGRAM #2: 1 ½ day Program, scheduled in No. Nevada/Lake Tahoe area  -  expected dates in late June

PROGRAM #3: 2 ½ day Program, scheduled for No. Nevada/Lake Tahoe area  -  expected dates in early October

PROGRAM #4: A one-day Program, Southern NV  –  expected dates in early December

*all program dates are tentative and subject to change.