LeadershipNVAR's Class of 2017

by | May 09, 2017
WEB-TourTentLeadership NVAR’s Class of 2017 kicked off its year of festivities with the first of its four traditional programs, Jan. 24-26 in Scottsdale, AZ. The 15-member class made the Marriott in Oldtown Scottsdale its home for three days of activities to promote leadership and growth.
Tom Blanchard, Lisa Cobb, Tamra Coulter, Stephanie Dibbs, Cheryl Henning, Jerome Johnson, Tim Kelly Kiernan, Angela Lage, Alex Malenkina, Rebecca McKenna-Inman, Kendra Murray, Merri Perry, Naomi Pettit, Whitney Richburg and Kaycee Summers make up the group, which is comprised of some of the state’s best and brightest real estate minds, hailing from Elko to Minden and Reno to Las Vegas.

“This is an energetic, engaging leadership group,” said Tiffany Banks, NVAR’s staff liaison to the program. “Everyone was quick to jump in and immerse themselves in the program’s content. They were quickly invested in the process and everything points to this group having a highly successful year.”
Banks stressed the goal of the program is to get the participants to learn about themselves so they can become better leaders in all facets of their lives. The emphasis is on teamwork, community and self-awareness. The first day of activities focused on participants gaining each other’s trust and working together. The bulk of the day was spent volunteering at a local Phoenix-area charity. Day 2 was centered around Emergentics training -- the idea that you are, who you are today, based on the
emergence of your behavior, geneticmakeup and life experiences. Day 3 was made up of team bonding work. Additionally, class members got a chance to think about their year-long project, which will be a group effort aimed at supporting the Boys and Girls Clubs in the Silver State.

LeadershipNVAR's Class of 2017

RGJ: NVAR report shows HOA foreclosures tied to more than $1B in lost Reno, Vegas home values

WEB-WolfRunHouse1Foreclosures by homeowner associations in Nevada’s two major counties led to more than $1 billion in lost property sale values, a report found.

The Nevada Association of Realtors report looked at the impact of sales involving properties that were foreclosed after residents failed to pay their HOA fees. The study was done by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ Lied Institute for Real Estate Studies.

Homeowners association foreclosures are a controversial topic in Nevada, where HOA assessment liens are given higher priority over the rights of the first mortgage holder such as the lender.

Geoff Giles, a Reno real estate attorney, says he is surprised that the lost value in the Nevada Association of Realtors report was not higher. Read more here.